BUY A MONKEY GAME-v3 - Mooning Monkey NFT

Thrilling, fun
& massive gains potential

More than 90% of the house edge is redistributed to all Mooning Monkey NFT holders through cash back, rewards, bonuses, and profit-shares.


Mooning Monkey is an exciting, online, multiplayer gambling game that will provide you with endless hours of thrilling fun, while also giving you the oppurtunity to win $$$ MILLIONS!

Set your bets before take off!

Use Manual Mode for an exciting round or set it to Autobet and enjoy the game in cruise mode.

Cash out
in time

Cash out before the rocket crashes and win your initial bet x the multiplier displayed on the screen. Then, get ready for the next round!

Join the bankroll!

Oh yeah! With the MoonCrash you can now become the casino and win when the house wins!