The Origin

JUL – SEP 2021

  • Debut
    1. Identity: Decision are made over Colors, Branding and Logo
    2. Story: The Founder discuss and draft the Comic Book storyline
    3. Idea: the Mooning Monkey Project is born over a passionate discussion around the wish of a Sci-FI presence in the NFT world.
  • The 4 elements
    1. R&D: Intensive research and development for the four Elements: Mooning Monkey NFTs & Comic Book NFT & TAK Token & Crash Game
    2. Comics NFT: An emerging very talented artist is chosen and starts sketching the first pages
    3. Crash Game: Gaming code and design is started
    4. $TAK Token: Tokenomics paper is started
    5. MM NFT: Creation of 12’000 NFTs level 1 is started by our artist prodigy in collaboration with the Founder