JAN – APR 2022

  • Social
    1. Partnerships/Collabs with discord servers and Alpha Groups
    2. Intense promotion campaign with whitelist spots, cash prizes and NFT giveaways
    3. Release of 3D video project intro presentation and Reveal of the Spaceship in a 3D video.
    4. Street Art Graffiti made by the Mooning Monkey community in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Network
    1. Investors: Mr. Beast, Pomp Investments, Going Parabolic
    2. Advisory: Kyle Chassé, PlutusVC, Latitude Blockchain Services, Carlthemoon
    3. Partners: Paid Network, JNJOY, Apollo-X, SpacePlus, Master Ventures, Rich Kid Productions
    4. Start of discussion with multiple launchpads
  • General
    1. Overhaul of the whole website
    2. Improvement of calculators on the website by adding rarity earning percentages.
  • Token
    1. Creation of the 4 main utilities for the $TAK token and integration into code and tokenomics
    2. 2nd and improved Tokenomics paper is finalized and simplified version is released on Notion
  • Comic Book
    1. Finalization of B&W drafts is completed (Book 1: Dark Days)
    2. Finalization of Lineart layers is completed (Book 1: Dark Days)
    3. Finalization of all Base color layers: Dark Days (Book 1: Dark Days)
  • MM NFT
    1. Minting Smart Contract audited by Hacken
    2. INO on Apollo-X Launchpad Platform
    3. Dutch Auction of Mooning Monkey NFTs Level 1
    4. Listing on Rarible, Rarity Sniper and Rarity Tools
    5. Finalization of Galactic Gorillas NFTs Level 2
    6. Sneak peek release : final version of 2nd NFT evolution, Galactic Gorilla
  • Crash Game
    1. Creation of animations
    2. Platform Development
    3. Selection of Game Development Company
    4. Discussion with potential new Advisor specialized in Blockchain Gaming
    5. Sneak Peek Release: Game visuals, Dashboard, Interface