BUY A MONKEY Phase 4 - Mooning Monkey NFT


MAY – AUG 2022

  • General
    1. Integration of a media section on the website
    2. Creation of new Operating Curacao Company
  • Network
    1. Relationship building with gaming Guilds
    2. Alliances with other Games
    3. Expansion of influence in the non-crypto sphere through massive KOLs, preparation for the game launch
  • Social
    1. Relationship building with massive non-crypto influencers
    2. Partnerships with Alpha Groups
    3. Coordination between all KOLs for viral impact at game launch
  • Token
    1. Token contract finalized
    2. Token contract audited
  • Comic Book (1): DARK DAYS
    1. Release and INO of the 1st Comic Book: Dark Days
    2. NFT contract finalized
    3. NFT contract audited
    4. INO on partner launchpad/s
    5. Listing on Opensea
    6. Available for reading on the website
  • MM NFT
    1. NFT level 2 contract finalized
    2. NFT level 2 contract audited
    3. Release of NFT level 2 Collection, Galactic Gorilla
    4. Evolution lab is live, evolution from L1 to L2 is available
  • Crash Game
    1. Release of the main game animation